TCM- Fourmula

Product CodeK164
Pinyin NameQing Shu Yi Qi Tang
English NameAstragalus & Atractylodes Formula
IngredientsHuang Qi, Cang Zhu, Sheng Ma, Ren Shen, Ze Xie, Shen Qu, Chen Pi, Bai Zhu, Mai Men Dong, Dang Gui, Zhi Gan Cao, Qing Pi, Huang Bai, Ge Gen, Wu Wei Zi, Sheng Jiang, Da Zao.
FunctionsSummer-heat has entered the interior causing fever, irritability, dark scanty urine, copious sweating which injures the fluids causing thirst for cold drinks, desire to curl up, shortness of breath, apathy, Pulse- rapid deficient./Dispel summer heat and clear dampness, tonify qi and generate body fluids.
CautionsUse with caution in summerheat damage without qi vacuity or high fever, vexation and thirst. For Chinese Physicians Use Only.


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